Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dubai Assassination Plot Worthy of Tom Clancy Novel

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News from Dubai usually consists of stories about the oppression of women under Islam, the local economic meltdown, and young Arab men posting YouTube videos of car stunts for lack of girlfriends.

However, now jumping from the pages of a likely Tom Clancy novel, authorities in Dubai have released video and photos of an alleged 11 member hit-team accused of killing Hamas terrorist group leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh during his clandestine stay at the Al Bustan Rutana Hotel:

It's not yet known who commanded the plot. The evidence trail is littered with false documents, stolen identities, mysterious technology, disguised persons and biases among international investigators and analysts.

Worth noting is that no one disputes the fact that Hamas leader al-Mabhouh reaped what he sowed.


George said...

yup, garbage day, no great loss here.

Kevin said...

A more apt comparison is a Daniel Silva novel, and his main character Gabriel Allon.