Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Actor Jeff Garlin Joins 2010 Joint Intelligence Group

Actor Jeff Garlin and Officer Greg Smith: the same man?

Of course I'm kidding. But their resemblance is as remarkable as their juxtaposition: Jeff Garlin stars in a show titled Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is exactly what some residents of Kelowna would like to tell the 2010 Joint Intelligence Group.

But seriously, why is "Greg Smith" wearing a camouflage jacket? Where's the war, soldier?
Staff Sgt. Mike Cote, a media spokesman for the Joint Intelligence Group, says “it disappoints me” to hear people say they find the approach taken by police intimidating...
Well geez Staff Sgt, how should a Canadian citizen feel when confronted by a cammo-wearing cop laying in wait in a parking lot after dark?

It's very, very anti-Canadian to have lawmen in our midst dressed in army cammo and sneaking around like soldiers, confronting members of the public.


Garlin! said...

I lost like 15lbs but still you got me.

bulletproofcourier said...

Congratulations on branching out, Jeff!

Anonymous said...

No kidding re your last two sentences!!! m

Anonymous said...

CST. Greg Smith is wearing camo because he likes it.