Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bike Trailer Homes for Vancouver Homeless

Yesterday I proposed a sarcastic solution to Vancouver's homeless problem. Today I bring you a real possibility, the bike trailer home:

This rent-free roadster was built by Paul Elkins from Washington USA - check out his blog for more photos and info about this and his other beatnik build projects.

A program to give these bike homes to the homeless would pay for itself in reduced medical costs. Even at $1000 a pop, that's less than one night spent in the ER by someone sick from sleeping on the ground without protection from the elements or disease-carrying pests.

Also, imagine the fun of traveling across Canada in one of these! If anyone's interested, I'll bet a major bank or mortgage broker would gladly sponsor some type of "Rent-Free Ride across Canada" promotion, extolling the values of owning your own home or condo (regardless of size indeed!). The bank could donate a bike trailer home to a homeless person for every X number of kilometres travelled...


Carol Hu said...

Nice! But it cannot solve the homeless issue in winter unless the city provides heated parking lot. ^_^

bulletproofcourier said...

Yes, good point, but we should try to prevent slums from forming under this program.