Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bulletproofcourier for Mayor!

Participating in a Canadian (or any) democratic election is a great feeling, isn't it? But I think it would be better if write-in candidates were allowed...

Click to embiggen

Of course the above photo is a paper & paste parody created by me in the voting booth - it's a provincial election, not a municipal one - but one day a blogger will indeed be voted into public office: perhaps Mayor of Vancouver, Premiere of BC, or even Prime Minister of Canada!

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Carol Hu said...

Nice to preview ballot from here, is the last item also modified? The Sex Party?
Can't wait to be a citizen now.

Anonymous said...

If they only knew what went on behind...

bulletproofcourier said...

@ Carol:

No CGI was used in my ballot photo, seriously! Only paper and paste.

The Sex Party is a real political party in British Columbia.

Their motto is "Sex is good. Let's it make it better! Politics for a Sex-Positive Future."

No kidding. Their web site is http://www.thesexparty.ca

Carol Hu said...

Interesting, that's definitely a motto nobody can forget. Is there a Sexy Party as well? LOL

Dennis'much to do about nothing blog said...

Greg - fortunately for you I was working for Elections BC in another locale otherwise I might have had to discipline you for taking a picture of the ballot - perhaps a ride on your bike going the wrong way through the George Massey tunnel at rush with the counter flow in would be an appropriate - oops - I think I might just have given you another wild and crazy idea.

I'm a little hung over from the victory party last night so my humor might be a little off this morning.



bulletproofcourier said...

Hmmm George Massey Tunnel helmet cam - good idea!