Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Vancouver Marathon Cycle Escort Team

Almost 20 riders showed up for our first practice last night, riding 10km in a leisurely 90 minutes to generalize ourselves with the race course. At 7:30pm we finished at Something Good Italian Bistro in Yaletown for some slices and soda, compliments of race sponsors. This is my first time volunteering for the team; it was a pleasure to meet a friendly group for an easy ride and have my questions answered:

A marathon is a footrace. Why are cyclists needed?

A 26 mile footrace winding through city streets and parks requires a ton of logistics and support. The cycle escort team helps with this, leading the runners from the start line and sweeping up the rear of the pack. They also act as eyes & ears for race officials and the course technical team.

Am I expected to cycle 26 miles (42.2 km)?

Not necessarily. The cycle team welcomes volunteer riders of all ability, and there are other events we support, such as the half marathon and an 8k race. The riding is spread out over several hours; with all the crowds, noise and excitement on race day, you may hardly notice the effort.

What kind of commitment is involved?

The cycle team practices Tuesday & Thursday nights during April, meeting 5:45pm at the Plaza of Nations taxi stand at 750 Pacific Boulevard, across the street from BC Place. We do a full-course practice Sunday April 26 at 7am, race day is May 3 from 6am to 3pm. It's not mandatory to attend every practice ride - we're all volunteers, so things are flexible.

How do I sign up?

Register online at the Vancouver Marathon website, email team captain Brian at the above address and come enjoy the next practice!

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