Monday, November 17, 2008

Bike to Work Week Day 1: Dunsmuir Street Suicide Chute

Happy Bike to Work Week everyone! To celebrate, I'll be posting an exciting new helmetcam video every day about cycling in the city.

This video demonstrates why the Dunsmuir bike lane is not safe during heavy traffic: cars are turning right, pedestrians are in the roadway, and buses are parked against the curb.

Fortunately, this video also demonstrates how to cycle quickly and safely through the downtown core: match or exceed the flow of traffic, pass cars on the left (especially at intersections) and always be looking ahead to anticipate trends.

For example, 0:34+ in the video looks like a risky move, but for me it's not, and in fact it saved me from crashing over the hood of that silver Honda that suddenly turned right after I decided to pass him on the left and squeeze between the two SUVs.

Also, observe the pinch situation that occurs at 0:48+ between the bus parked in the bike lane and the grey car initiating a right-hand turn - again I avoided a likely crash by eschewing the bike lane in favour of becoming part of left-lane thru traffic.

I must end with the disclaimer "please don't try this at home". Things that appear easy for me might be difficult and risky for others to attempt. My intention here is to provide a compelling example of what can be achieved by a practiced, vigilant cyclist using basic techniques to conquer city traffic safely and with confidence.

Good luck this week everyone!

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Jake said...

Go BP, Go!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very Cool!

Anonymous said...

Hey loser,
Better hope I don't see you riding your bike that way while I'm driving. I'll show you how "quickly and efficiently" I can run you over with my truck while your're breaking traffic laws weaving in and out of lanes.

joe said...

Bike lane? There was a bike lane? I would love to do that on my motorcycle some day. Ride on dude.

bulletproofcourier said...

Last comment deleted due to trolling from:

Location: Burnaby, BC

Anonymous said...

hi my name is oscar i used to live in van city i love that place, now im back im mexico city riding a fixie you´re videos are great

Gerry McGuire said...

BPC I'm guessing the new seg lanes are a hassle for you. Great for Mom's and kids, not so much for real riders.