Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Needed: Urinal target to attract the attention of human males?

I saw this today in the third-floor men's washroom of Bentall Tower One (click to enlarge):

Capable males, familiar with the dribbled urinal failings of less-capable males, say "What man cannot stand in front of a wall and pee directly onto it? Surely, not a real man."

Regardless, perhaps building management should consider using a product manufactured under U.S. Patent# 4044405: Target in a bowl or urinal to attract the attention of human males. This is a real picture from the patent, with some hilarious quotes:

" is well known that the male will direct his urine at a target if one is presented to him."

"Attracting the attention of urinating males to help in toilet training or to aid in keeping toilets, urinals and the areas around them clean has long been known to be desirable."

"Parents, janitors, and others responsible for this cleanliness have often despaired the human male sloppiness of failing to direct urine into the proper receptacles."


Anonymous said... that's what goes on in men's bathrooms....

Anonymous said...

we aim to aim too please