Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shiver Me Timbits!

Vancouverites Blown Away in Record Winds

It was difficult to walk upright in the city today, let alone ride a bike!

Yesterday's Contest Winner: Lorna Pardy

Lorna successfully named all 3 tunes from yesterday's whistling video - "Fly by Night" (Rush), "Walk Like an Egyptian" (Bangles) and the theme from Indiana Jones.

Pardy wins a $10 gift certificate to Subway; as she told me in her winning e-mail, "I pack in a foot-long every day!" Congrats Lorna, your GC is in the mail.

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KangarooCourtWatcher said...

Hey is that the same Lorna Pardy as the drunk heckler taking comedian Guy Earle to BC Human Rights Commission for insulting her for heckling? If so the thing about the foot-long is hilarious. Or someone played a joke on bulletprooff.