Saturday, July 12, 2008

Keeping Vancouver Spectacular

Today I participated in the West End Cleanup, a monthly event sponsored by the City of Vancouver's Keep Vancouver Spectacular program. It was a real pleasure meeting new friends and making a difference in my community - plus it felt great when random people on the street thanked us for our efforts!

The West End Cleanup group meets at 9:55am on the 2nd Saturday of each month at the small park where Cardero meets Comox. The next one happens August 9th. Volunteers spend 2 hours cleaning up and are provided with garbage bags, gloves and of course the requisite "litter-picker-upper" grasping rod, which is super-nifty to use (isn't it curiously satisfying to manipulate objects beyond one's reach?). Wearing a high-visibility vest is optional - if you prefer a lower profile, that's fair enough, your help is appreciated either way - but it is recommended for safety, "street cred" and getting the word out. The group is organized by John; he can be reached at or 604-603-2397 to answer any questions.

This fun and easy program is not confined to the West End only. Wherever you are in Vancouver, you can get involved by checking out the city's Keep Vancouver Spectacular web page.

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