Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Reflections of Downtown Vancouver

Not much was going on in the city today, so I had a lot of time for reflection - literally. With my trusty bulletproof 8.3 megapixel digital camera in hand, I set out to capture some neat shots of downtown buildings reflecting off of one another. Some of them turned out quite spectacular! A skyscraper with a clean set of windows can create the most uncanny reflections under the right sky conditions and viewing angles, as you'll see:

My favorite shot is at 0:21 in the video, with the Harbour Center tower reflecting in the windows of GM Place - from almost a mile away! - complete with "Neil Diamond" speckled on the stadium light board. I'm also happy with my concluding video shot, showing the Hyatt and RBC Tower reflecting across the street onto 1030 Georgia, creating a perfect mirror-image.

1 comment :

kangaroocourtwatcher said...

Some of those picture reflections are freaky.... they look like buildings within buildings!