Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bulletproofcourier in the Media

Today I had a wheely fun interview with Lucy Gotell of 24 Hours; we talked about videoblogging, cycling in the city and of course, filming my famous Bulletproofcourier downtown helmet cams. Speaking of which, here's a redux of my latest exciting helmet cam, for first-time visitors to enjoy right away:

Coming tomorrow: Whistling in the city, win a free lunch
I'm an avid whistling enthusiast and I've found some downtown locations where the whistling acoustics are fabulous.
sneak preview:

Recognize the melody? If you can name all the tunes I'll be whistling in tomorrow's video, you could win a free lunch!

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback. E-mail bulletproofcourierYOURPANTS@hotmail.com but remove YOUR PANTS first. :)


VanMessenger2010 said...

That's from a movie I can't remember which but it was kind of a creepy tune as used in the movie.

Ken said...

Hope to see you in the full whistling video,tomorrow where you face the camera toward you -- like in your Car free Day Vancouver video -- that's a good technique.

Chaser said...

Ahhh yes Ken, the Les Stroud "Survivorman" technique!

some_images! said...

I think your filming has resonance with a contributive digital art project that I'm working on at the Surrey Art Gallery (www.glocal.ca). We're running a digital summer camp for youth in Surrey next week and we will be teaching youth to hack into digital cameras and get them to operate hands free. One of the applications uses a laser sensor so that if the camera is attached to a bicycle it will take pictures once a certain speed is reached.
Same as your project, it's amazing what different perspectives contribute to our experiences of environment and identity.
You can get all the hacking instructions from our website too if you're interested.
Happy Trails.