Friday, May 30, 2008

You're Going the Wrong Way!

"How do they know where we're going?"

Rule #1: Don't get trapped!

Ensure High Quality video: during playback, HQ button in video player should be RED. If not, click it.

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Marcus Bell said...

Was that video speeded up? Hilarious!

Dave said...

Ok I have just purchased a V.I.O POV 1.5 and use it Running and Cycling. I am tired of being cut off by cars, cabs, people, when I bike. Here is the thing. I expect them to follow the rules of the road. I also must follow the rules. I was run into by a courier in Vancouver three months ago. He cutted up left handed onto a one way street where I was turning right. Smashed into me, and took of his bike. I followed him and his company paid me for the damage to my 2 week old Cervelo. Please, please follow the law. Not because of you. So that all the other people on the road don't get treated like the few bad apples that go the wrong way up the street. You want to protect cyclists, be a good cyclist.